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Wysox Haunted House
Started in 1998. The Haunted House has been an increasing success over the years and hope to continue that for years to come. As you may notice this will be the 20th year the Haunted House has been in operation ! To go with that we have remodeled all the rooms and stepped the overall experience up this year. Which we hope will result in a better overall experience compared to years past.  Don't worry some of your favorite people will still be around (or so we hear).  Last year we have 12 rooms and a voting room, this year there will be 14 total rooms.  We also do a Chinese auction and a T-shirt sale.  New this year we will also be accepting credit/debit cards.  

Based in the former Wysox Creamery, The Wysox Haunted House is been providing  Halloween fun for over 25 years.  One of the main attractions is the variety of rooms, which change themes each year.  The Haunted House is manned by a team of over 50 volunteers, with set design and production beginning in the Spring.  Each year, volunteers are needed in the following areas:
Set design and construction
Make Up artists
Technology/Special Effects
Ticket sales (admissions, raffles, etc.)
Souvenir Sales
Individuals interested in volunteering should  complete a volunteer application.  All volunteers ages 16 and older must be able to pass  criminal history and child abuse history checks.
Volunteers ages 14-16 must have a parent or guardian on the premises with them at all times.  
We do not accept volunteers under the age of 14 at this time.

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